I despise writing about myself, yet, here I am!I have been a photographer for roughly seven years now. It started when my daughter was born and I wanted to capture all those little details because I knew her being so little wouldn't last forever. The thought occurred to me that I should do it for others as well! I started taking silly pictures of close friends and their family and I fell in love with it. I strive to capture authentic moments during my sessions. I am full of laughter and jokes. We'll take a second to be serious but the next we will be laughing.


I am a mama to two little monsters and I wouldn't change it for anything. I am always up for challenges that are thrown my way, and I love having my creative outlet shine through during times of stress and anxiety. I love to crack jokes and find silence very awkward. Self expression is huge to me, I have many tattoos, and can be very outspoken. I promise to always try my best and never let anyone get me down.


Columbus, Ohio


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